I love a good cup of coffee, anything vintage, and coats. I definitely have an unhealthy obsession with coats. I am happiest when I'm outdoors, whether hiking, camping, skiing, walking my dog George, or sipping a delicious Northwest beer in the sunshine with friends. If I'm not photographing, I am traveling. New surroundings inspire and motivate me. I have captured images in Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, SE Asia, Australia and here in the United States. 

I worked for 'Imokilly People' newspaper in Co. Cork, Ireland, in 2005. I was trained by two professional photographers and regularly had my stories and photographs published. This is where I learned, according to my Irish colleges, I had been misspelling certain words my entire life. 'Favourite' and 'colour' were a couple on a long list of mishaps. 

I photographed and wrote articles for 'Wild Tomato' magazine in Nelson, New Zealand, in 2006/07. Apparently Americans say 'tomato' funny. I was reminded of this every time I told people the name of the publication. I covered a wide range of stories including local businesses and events, environmental issues, food, wine, art and fashion.

I have settled down in Portland, Oregon, with the English man of my dreams, but am always happy to travel for destination weddings or events.

I am so fortunate to have a career doing what I love. I look forward to every appointment and to meeting new clients and friends. Maybe you'll be next!